A collection of behaviour management strategies.
Peg charts, posters, reward cards, etc.

Reward Cards

An alternative to buying small trinkets for a prize box.
Use these reward cards as prizes, a lucky dip or to go in an end of term auction (with Class Cash system).
Rewards include things such as computer time, sit with a friend, choose a class game.
32 different rewards.
10 Pages.
All Grades.


Class Cash - Behaviour Management System

All you need to implement and run a customised class cash system!
Pack includes ready-to-print money denominations, wallet, cash balance slips, debit cards, gift certificates and rules, costing, and credit/debit posters.
Ideas sheet, instructions and garage sale permission note also included.
Money templates are black and white.
23 Pages.   Grades: 2-6.


Personal Behaviour Monitoring System

Just like our behaviour management charts, this pack contains 3 different mini systems.
A student moves their peg up or down depending on their behaviour.
These stay on desks.
Use for certain individual students or for the whole class
3 coloured pages


Behaviour Monitoring System 2

Manage your students' behaviour with this chart and peg system.
2 different chart systems included. You can use one or the other, or mix and match.
Aim is to be on the Cool Zone or above!
Students move their pegs up or down depending on positive or negative behaviour.
6 coloured pages.


Personal Space Mat

These are great for students who may need to sit in a special spot around the room, or if you want your class to do some dancing/exercise.

6 different coloured mats.


Behaviour Monitoring System

Manage your students' behaviour with this chart and peg system.
Aim is to stay in the Cool Zone!
Students move their pegs up if they are not displaying appropriate behaviour.
3 coloured pages.


Magic Square - Reward System

This reward system works by filling in a grid with students' names, and then drawing out a corresponding lucky dip number to determine a winner.
5x5 and 7x7 grid posters.
Instructions included.
6 Pages.
Grades: K-6.


Wait Your Turn - Card System

Just like a supermarket system, each student takes the first number available and either sits in a line, or goes back to their seats waiting to be called. Could be for marking, reading or needing to go to the bathroom.
16 Cards (+ blank in case you need extras!)


Reward Chart

A simple reward chart for each student. Place a sticker, stamp or signature each time students are on task, or produce quality work, etc.
You can decide if you want rewards on 10 or 20 stars.
Black and white copy only.


Reward Bands

These colourful rewards are a little more exciting than stickers.
These bands wrap around wrists with stick tape.


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