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Why The Name?
It's just the way your brain works when you are a teacher... You have a 'Teacher Brain'!
You see and hear things differently, and can easily spot mistakes. For example, you may see advertisements from big companies who advertise decorations for "party's", or overhear a conversation on the street where one person tells another that they "seen them the other day".

These resources will assist with all KLAs, to allow your 'Teacher Brain' to remain calm and content and to help to eliminate students growing up into people who create the "Ouch, that hurts my 'Teacher Brain'!" moments.


About Teacher Brain
This site is for primary teachers (especially with 6 rotating groups for daily literacy sessions!), casual teachers, homeschoolers, and parents wanting to provide some extra activities for their child's learning at home.

Teacher Brain was created in 2012 and launched in 2013 when it was noticed that rotating literacy groups were becoming the norm and teachers needed a variety of activities every day.
With the big push with the Quality Teaching Framework, L3, Best Start, Daily 5 and Naplan, the resources offered on this site will help consolidate professional, efficient and engaging learning opportunities.

Teacher Brain has commercial licenses with Klara Viskova clipart, Graphics Factory, 1001 Free Fonts and School Fonts.
All works and intellectual properties are copyright to Teacher Brain (and the graphics and font companies mentioned).
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