What Teacher Brain offers:
*Premium printable educational games and activities
*INSTANT access (you can have Teacher Brain resources in under 2 minutes!)
*Resources in full colour, with a black and white copy included (in case your printer wants a rest)
*Continually updated resources
*Subscriptions or pay-per-download
*Minimum cutting and resource preparation time
*The opportunity to request a resource
*All you need to create Math and Literacy stations
*A full sight word program
*Behaviour Management systems
*Boardgames, IWB activities, posters, workbooks and more!
*Learning that is fun!


ALL FOR $25 per year! Get it now!

If it's not fun, it won't be done!
If we don't find a resource interesting, we won't make it.
This also applies to students - if they don't enjoy the activity, they will be reluctant to complete it and teaching time ends up shifting to behaviour management.
The activities available on Teacher Brain's educational resource website will engage students in meaningful learning opportunities, not simply give them 'busy work'.

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