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All payment is through Paypal so it is safe, secure and fast.

As soon as you confirm the payment through Paypal, an email is sent to the address registered with your Paypal account.
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Your username is your email address.

Your email will give you INSTANT access to Teacher Brain resources, either with the products you selected, or a link with your subscription details.
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Resources are all available as a pdf. This means you will have to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and download the games and activities.

Activities are best printed in either full colour or black and white on coloured A4 card. This just adds to the aesthetic appeal. White or coloured paper is fine too.

We have found that inexpensive washable textas in darker colours, or highlighters work great on our resources. Pop them on classroom desks along with a slightly damp paper towel, and you don't need to worry about costly whiteboard markers drying ou

Board games look best printed on coloured A3-sized paper. These can still be played by students in A4 size (and are great for casual teachers to carry around).

All that is needed to play our games are dice and counters. Squinkies or Trashpacks (which you can get in bulk off ebay) are amazing as game-pieces too!

If you want your resources to last, laminating is essential.

You can also save money and space by laminating games and station resources back-to-back.

We recommend printing 6-8 copies of the station activities, so you have enough for your group and a few extra in case one goes missing, or you need to combine groups/add a child for that day.


At Teacher Brain, we realise that while resources are necessary in teaching, games with lots of little pieces are firstly, a pain to put together (and quite often get set aside to be cut up another day!), and secondly, if a piece goes missing in the classroom, the game can no longer be played.

We have strived to create versatile resources that require minimum preparation time and no awkward cutting!

Unless otherwise stated, ALL resources come as a full-colour and black and white copy in the same download.

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