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Elapsed Time

Students are given a start time and they roll dice to work out a time before and after. 2 extension ideas included.
2 Pages.
Grades 2-6.


Apples And Lemons

One student chooses a secret 4-digit code. A second student attempts to guess it, with the first student telling which numbers are in the code and if they are in the correct place, using apples and lemons.
Has a lot of strategy involved!
2 Pages.
Grades 2-6.


Back To School Pack 2024

Updated for 2024!
Let Teacher Brain sort out your 1st week back!

A pack FULL of ideas, worksheets, rules, etc to over 50 games and activities for going back to school and for students getting to know each other.
All about me, designing, manipulatives, displays, interviews, resources and FUN!
63 Pages.

Grades: K-6 (Few Kinder ideas)


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