Sight Word Games

Please note that while some of these resources contain lower list sight words, there is a blank sheet included for personalisation so you can use the games with your own/harder words!

Sight Word Fish - Game

Write sight words on the fish and attach paper clips.
Use a 'fishing rod' to catch the fish and read the words.
2 different sized fish. 4 Pages.
Grades: K-2.


Sight Word Flies - Display Game

Write sight words on these cute flies then get students to gently swat the desired word.
2 Pages.
Grades: K-2.


Sight Word Game - Use With Any List!

A fun boardgame that can be used with ANY sight word list.
Roll the dice and answer or complete the question using different sight words.


Around The Garden - Sight Word Game

Aim of the game is to make a path to each garden bug, reading sight words along the way! Dice roll determines which bug you capture!
Blank gameboard for personalisation included.
Grades: K-3.


Drop and Read (Sight Words) - Literacy Station

Drop some counters or blocks and read the sight words that they land on.
Lists 1-4, and a blank copy for personalisation.
Grades: K-2.


Twisty Fingers (Sight Words) - Literacy Station

Roll the dice, choose a matching coloured circle. Read out the sight word and leave your finger on that space. Continue!
Contains sight words and a blank game sheet for personalisation.
Game can be played with a dice, or the game spinner. (Colour copy only)
Grades: K-4.


Build-A-Road - Literacy/Sight Word Station

Like the Rainbow Reading Road, students drive along saying the sight words.
This time students get to make the road up themselves! Endless possibilities!
Contains sight words from lists 1-8, as well as blank roads for personalisation.
Black and White copy only (print on coloured paper).
Grades: K-3.


Cheesy Words - Literacy Game

Write your spelling/vocab words on the cheese and tell students which word the mouse wants to eat!
A fun game for the class to play!
(Can be used with math sums too). Colour copy only.
Grades: K-4.


Sight Word Footprints - Literacy Activity

Get your students out of their seats for learning!
Students say the word as they step on it.
Black and white copy - print on coloured paper.
8 Pages.
Grades: K-2.


Rainbow Reading Road - Literacy Station

A fun way to teach students sight words. They drive along reading words as they pass.
4 Pages - Blank roads for personalisation included.


Pop The Bubble - Sight Words

These are placed on the inside of the classroom door. As students walk into the room, they 'pop the bubble' and say the sight word written on it.

Can simply write the alphabet or blends on these too.
Grades: K-2.


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